Monday, December 11, 2006

Dr. D's Sugar Shack

For the 60th Birthday of my friend Dennis, I created this very stylized adaptation of his country getaway, complete with "cottage", stone wall and one of Farmer Mel's over-the-hill bulls. A miniature Dennis in cammo is descending the steps ready to take on the wookchucks.

The cake is a four-layer, alternating chocolate and butter cake affair interspersed with chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache. Cocoa powder was mixed into the fondant covering and a dusting of cocoa finished off the cake. The base is fondant-covered foamcore edged in two complementary ribbons.As usual, most of the sugar decorations are first sculpted in styrofoam then covered in sugarpaste (a fondant/gumpaste blend). A bit more smoothing and sculpting and the piece is ready for coloring. Some of the pieces, such as the rocks, have been sprayed with a food-grade lacquer to give them that shiny look. Other pieces have merely been steamed to blend the colors and take away the dusty look of the coloring powders.



Anonymous said...

I was on the internet and my boy Eddie shows me his fancy dancy blog. I hit next blog, up comes your blog and I thought I was in heaven! That shack looks like my house! Ole rundown farm I grew up on in West Virginny. Thanks for making my day and giving me a pleasent memory from the past. I sure hope Dr. D was happy with his shack. Your other cakes sure are fancy. Congrats on your award in OK. God bless and Merry Christmas! Earl in Kentucky.

Maria Denzer said...

You’ve made MY day, Earl! Yes, indeed, Dr. D. loved his shack and thought it looked better than the original. However, he will be jealous when he hears that there is (or was) a clone of his cozy little cottage down in West Virginia. I thank you for your comment and Merry Christmas to your and yours, as well.