Monday, March 23, 2009

A Sweet Respite from Winter

The calendar tells us that spring has arrived, but it sure is dragging itself across the threshold. I am weary of winter and long for color, yes, even the ubiquitous, gaudy forsythia. So I offer a small respite from dreariness in the form of a bouquet of sugar flowers featuring a Gerbera daisy, hosta leaves, a few rose buds and a sprig of variegated ivy. The petals on the Gerbera have been individually wired so as to allow movement of the petals as well as stability. In other words, there's less chance of breakage. The wire used, of course, was a # 32 or 33, white so as to be barely visible in the almost paper-thin petals. Hope my little offering cheers you up a bit and hopefully I'll have something major to post soon.