Saturday, September 27, 2008

"A Teardrop on the Cheek of Time"

I have been out of pocket for quite a while now due to a serious medical problem. But, by the grace of God, a whole lot of prayers, the support of family and friends and some extraordinary medical care, I return to my sugar art once again with gratitude and thanks.

My most recent project was a replica of the Taj Mahal created for a 60th birthday party; cakes were made separately from the sugar sculpture. The entire piece measured 3x3 ft. and was apx. 30 in. high.



Anonymous said...

Somebody must have had a wonderful birthday celebration. It looks like any picture of the Taj that I have seen.


Maria Denzer said...

Hi R, I wish that I had had the time to REALLY create the inlaid stone detail, called pietra dura, on the original Taj. But it would have required another month for me to have executed a reasonable facsimile of it. The birthday was a 60th done in a spectacular wedding style. I hope to have a professional shot of my creation to post in the near future...